Supporting over 100 missionaries in over 50 countries

OPBBC practices faith-promise missions giving. At our annual missions conference each April, individuals and families seek God’s will while making a financial commitment to missions for the coming year. In faith, a pledge is made for an amount to be given in either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly offerings. We have been blessed to see this commitment to giving grow the faith of adults and children alike, as the Lord faithfully provides the means to support our missionaries.

In addition to commissioning missionaries from our local church, and financing others who have the call, OPBBC organizes several foreign missions trips each year. These trips provide an opportunity for young people to experience the foreign field, and provide help and encouragement to our missionaries.


Sent from Old Paths
C.B. – Greece/Mid. East
Larry Craft – Streets of America
Eric Damron – Independent Baptist Media
Mark Helzerman – Papua New Guinea
Damon Matacchiera – Zambia
Joe Matacchiera – Sicily
Mike Parkinson – Boys’ Home
Ron Reece – Nova Scotia
Dan Reed – Romania
Angel Rowe – South Africa
Doug Schwaderer – Canary Islands
Ted Snyder – Honduras
Nancy Tessier – Girls’ Home
Adam Zander – Romania
Supported by Old Paths
John Allen – Papua New Guinea
Matt Allen – Papua New Guinea
A.B. – China
C.B. – Indonesia
Richard Badgett – South Africa
Chris Baran – Philippine
Chuck Bauman – New Caledonia
Ed Bauman – Puerto Rico
Rudy Baun – Philippines
Jessie Beal – Ukraine
Terrell Bear – Las Vegas
Brent Bergey – South Africa
Matt Bernsdorff – Trinidad
Shawn Bowman – Ireland
A.C. – China
Joseph Childers – Grenada
Christian Law Association
Duane Cleghorn – Southeast Asia
Brian Cooper – Streets of America
Joel Dare – Brazil
Greg Davis – Belize
Andrew Day – Ireland
David Divakar – India
Mike Doney – Philippines
Mark Dunlop – Mozambique
Justin Dye – Papua New Guinea
Dan Eberly – Ireland
David Edens – Sahara
Tim Faulk – Myanmar
Adrian Ferrari – Argentina
Devin Frost – New Zealand
Neils Gade – Papua New Guinea
A.H. – Israel
John Harris – Belize
Paul Hamilton – Moldova
Harrison Haynes – Italy
Duane Hearron – Russia
Brian Hebert – Toronto, ON
Brent Hoffman – Panama
David Hoffmeister – Alaska
James Hoffmeister – Trinidad
Stephen Holt – Sierra Leone
Jamie Homan – Italy
Richard Hurst – Ecuador
Mike Ireland – Ukraine
Richard Jertberg – Madagascar
Matt Johnson – Mexico
Tom Keller – Mongolia
Keven Kendell – Papua New Guinea
Ed Keough – Ukraine
Nathan Kowach – Korea
Eric Kreh – Netherlands
K.L. – China
Mark Lawrence – Germany
Travis Lewis – Philippines
Joshua Lieb – Sicily
C.M. – Israel
Bob Mach – Ivory Coast
Richard Maher – Ukraine
Andy Magnarella – Hopi Indians
Aaron Maynard – Boys’ Home
Dean Mazzaferri – Italy
Ryan McBride – Philippines
Jason Moore – Fiji
Tim Moriarty – Cambodia
New York Family Research Foundation
Bob Nichols Jr. – Brazil
Edgar Nono – Philippines
Stuart Overmiller – South Africa
Stetson Planck – Italy
Jeff Porter – South Africa
Peter Putney – Colombia
Chris Resmondo – Malawi
Joshua Rhoades – Guyana
Don Riley – Church Helps
Mike Roberts – Asia
David Robinson – Malawi
Rick Schenck – Mexico
Nick Serino – Arctic
Kyle Shell – Papua New Guinea
Roy Sietman – Mexico
Jonathan Skean – Russia
Chase Smith – Lithuania
Linton Smith – Asia
Rudy Stembridge – WFTWBM
Keith Stensaas – Uganda
Bob Stauble – Philippines
Gerald Sutek – Philippines
Scott Suttle – Denmark
Matthew Sutton – Arctic
S.T. – Jordan
Buddy Thigpen – Russia
Josh Wagar – Micronesia
Brad Wells – Washington, D.C.
Chad Wells – Papua New Guinea
Ron Williams – Girls’ Home
Duane Wilhite – Japan
Adam Wood – Cambodia
Word for the World B. M. Office
Russell Wright – Zimbabwe